MY thailand trip 2/12~2/25 part 2

more pictures will be tomorrow

My thailand trip 2/12~2/25 part 1

I have to say so sorry didn't update my blog while in my thailand.
My iphone got some problem so really cant update after day 5.
So here is the pic of my customer an friends at this time.
Thank you very very much come to see my shades and to see me.
I have had really really good time to hung out, talking and drinking....
You guys are the coolest people that I met before.
you guys always made my thailand trip always.
Thank you again!!!

More pic will be tomorrow.


Thailand trip day 5 part 2

Thaliand trip day 5

I saw alot of my friend at pat's store today.

Unfortunately I couldn't sell shades much.
But it's not so important.
I would like to talk to people that made me more happy!!!
Thank you so much to come by!


Thailand trip day 4 part 2

Thailand trip day 4

I forgot to bring my iPhone in day 3.
So I couldn't take photo and update my blog. Sorry.
But that was very good day though.
My man Tay got alot of good one.
And see nice people as always.

Day 4.

Today also very nice day.
Alot of my friends came by and see my shades.

Thank you so so much everybody.
Hope you will love my shades.

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